Life as a Game of Ping Pong (really)

During lunch, my colleagues and I usually like to play ping pong.  It's a way to alleviate stress from the day and have fun with the people we work with.  Today, as I defeated my friend Daniel (11 to 2), I had an epiphany about how ping pong is a whole lot like this game we call life.

This is how I see life like a game of ping pong:
  • Both are 90% mental and 10% physical.
  • There are rules to abide by.
  • I must be aware of my strengths and "areas of improvement" (formerly known as weaknesses).
  • Practice makes better (not perfect).
  • It takes time to get better at it.
  • Focus makes a huge difference.
  • Sometimes I miss, and that's okay.
  • My results are a reflection of my performance.
  • Consistency is a key to success.
  • It's a fun when I play people I like.
  • It pays to plan ahead and have a strategy.

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