Interconnectedness (we are one)

In the Jewish Talmund, it says, "Whoever saves one life saves the world entire." It reminds me that every living thing on the planet is connected to each other. I remember t hat we are all connected directly and indirectly to other people and everything in nature.

That's why when I commit an act of kindness I know it creates a ripple effect throughout society. If I were to buy a coworker lunch, that positive act would have a positive impact on her/his mood, and create positive interactions with all who s/he interacts with. (The ripple effect even continues with those people and so on.)

Recycling and being consumer conscious (buying "green" products and supporting "green" businesses) has been my way of helping protect our ecosystem. Even being kind to animals is one way I show my son to respect nature. My hope is that the ripple effect continues through him and others.

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