The Flavor of Fresh Fruit

I almost forgot how fulfilling fresh fruit is.  For lunch yesterday, I was planning to have a simple ham sandwich (with wheat bread and mayonnaise made with olive oil and cage free eggs).  And yet in the fridge, I saw fresh avocados.  A part of me felt too lazy to cut it and put it into my sandwich, but thank goodness I wasn't that lazy.

The avocado made my simple sandwich much more flavorful.  It gave me a little reality check and reminded me how good fresh food is (it's really good).  There is nothing quite like getting something fresh from the market and eating it freshly prepared.

Later on that day, I jazzed up my strawberry cheesecake flavored ice cream by topping it with fresh raspberries.  I didn't cut it up or mix it in; just threw it right on top.  I can see why Pinkberry and Yogurtland make so much money.

There is little to dispute the health benefits of eating fresh fruit, but also, it just tastes really good.

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