Everything is Feedback

I am the only one in charge of my life.  Everything in my life, big or small, is a result of my thoughts, words, and actions.  If I think today is my lucky day, I will act like it.  Positive thoughts produce positive actions and interactions.  Like my friend Kevin Marhsall told me in college," Be careful of what you think."

If my bank account is low, it's a result of my spending and saving habits.  The state of my personal relationships reflect how I prioritize people in my life.  Where I am in my career is feedback of my work ethics.  The quality of my cooking results from not just my cooking skills, but my attitude towards various recipes, ingredients, and taste.  If my food is sloppy in taste and presentation, it's because I didn't put forth enough focus and effort.  If anything I do is sloppy, it's because of the same reason.  How I do one thing is usually how I do everything.

It's almost impossible to be aware of every single piece of feedback life throws at me, even if it's obvious to most people.  I believe the important thing is to be aware of everything and pay attention to as much feedback as possible.  Being more aware is better than being less aware.  I choose to live my life with open eyes, an open mind, and an open heart.

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