Daily Goals (attitude affects everything)

Last summer, I sat at a coffee house with a few books and journals to give myself a little morning retreat.  I wanted to mentally and emotionally get away from the stress I was going through.  I was unemployed and had to support my family with a baby on the way. 

That morning, I decided that I would change my life by improving my attitude.  I wasn't a negative person, but I needed more positivity in my life. 

Everything would change from that day forward.  On the back of my receipt, I made goals for myself that would be repeated every day:

Breathe with anticipation.
I constantly remind myself to have an open mind.  Anything can happen today.  Good things can come my way, I just have to recognize opportunity when it's right in front of me.  There is always the possibility that life will surprise me in a wonderful way. 

Think with wonder.
Curiosity leads to new ideas.  Asking "Why?" or "How?" makes me think out of my usual pattern of thought.  If I observe and listen to everything around me enough, I might learn something new.  I am constantly surrounded by people and ideas that inspire me, I just have to see it.

Speak with understanding.
People gravitate towards people who are positive and genuinely care.  Acts of judgement, hate, and ignorance drive people away.  This is important since I will always be interacting with people, it's almost impossible to escape it.  Communicating from an understanding perspective is highly significant in building relationships with family, friends, and colleagues.

Act with passion.
Life is short, I need to spend my time wisely.  Life is too short to be bored.  It's too short to watch the clock and "kill time."  The more passionate I am about what I'm doing, the better I do.  This applies to my careers, hobbies, and daily tasks. 

Live with hope.
Every morning, I intend to start the day on the right foot. I attempt to start and end my day with a positive attitude.  That's my way of maximizing the possibilities of my day.

Fortunately, almost a year later, everything worked out.  I have a dream job that I absolutely love and my family is happy.


  1. I so appreciate the positive attitude in your notes. Glad you're here in blogland!


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