Climbing Up (higher and higher)

For the past week, my son has been trying to climb up EVERYTHING.  He can't walk on his own yet, but he army crawls all over.  From the furniture, his toys, and even me, he tries to climb up everything in front of him. 

Most of the time, he falls.  Sometimes he bumps his head and cries like the whole world is ending.  Since I'm usually an overprotective parent, I want to protect him from everything, but I know that (like many other things in life) I must let him try so that he can actually learn and get better.

When he cries because he is hurt or frustrated, he does something that amazes me; he tries again.  Even as he cries miserably, he continually tries again.  For being so young, he is incredibly persistent.  He will grunt, cry, yell, and won't be satisfied until he climbs up what he has set his mind to.  When he finally achieves his goal (usually climbing the couch), he has a smile that can light up a room.  He acts as if he just accomplished something that he has never done before; and for an 8 month old, it is.

I hope that this is a sign of his future work ethics.  Whatever his goals are (becoming president, a teacher, or climbing Mt. Everest), I want him to have this same persistence; to keep on trying until he achieves his goal, no matter what.

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