The Cal Poly Pomona Experiment

Even back in my college days at Cal Poly Pomona, I was a big believer that love and peace are things that the world is in more need of. 

So one day I took about ten refrigerator magnets (mostly from pizza places) and transformed them into art masterpieces.  It was my way to symbolize and spread peace and love all over campus.  I glued newspaper on the magnets and then I drew a peace sign within a heart.  The interior of the heart was colored red.  Each of the magnets was hand made with slight deviations that made them unique, but they all still had the basic design. 

I hid all the magnets all over campus.  One was spotted on the side of a fire extinguisher.  Another one was hidden on top of a doorway.  They were hidden in the most obvious and subtle places.  I had hopes that people would randomly find one, smile, and think a little more about love and/or peace that day.
I wonder how many people have seen them.  I wonder if they helped influence anyone's decisions.  I wonder if they brightened someone's day.  I guess I'll never know.

I took one home and it's hanging on my refrigerator door. As far as I know, the other nine magnets are still around campus.

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