10 Easy (almost effortless) Ways to Spread Kindness

When was the last time someone surprised you with an act of kindness? Good karma is contagious. If someone did something kind for your recently, you know how it feels. If you've recently done something kind for someone else, you know the warm mushy feeling in your heart.

Here are some simple, easy, and almost effortless ways of spreading kindness.

1. Paying it forward.
2. Opening the door for someone walking behind you.
3. Smiling. :)
4. Saying, "Good morning" or "Good evening" to people you encounter.
5. Tipping the coffee house baristas.
6. Asking everyone, "What floor are you going to?" as you push the elevator buttons.
7. Taking your friend's plate along with yours to the trash at a restaurant.
8. Grabbing condiments and utensils for your friends along with yourself when you're out to eat.
9. Remembering to say, "Thank you."
10. Trying any of the above everyday in any way.


  1. This is a great post. A simple reminder of doing little things that make a huge difference. Thanks for the reminder.


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