Thinking Outside the French Fry

Yesterday, I went with my family to Freddy's Food Court, a weekly food truck event at Neighborhood Christian Fellowship in Covina, CA to check out their culinary offerings.  It was a nice community gathering with food, karaoke, face painting, and families. 

I usually like to see which food trucks have the long lines; it usually is an indicator that the food is good.  One of the trucks with a big crowd was the Tornado Potato truck.  It wasn't french fries, it was a different spin on it. 

What they do is skewer a whole spiral cut potato on a stick and deep fry it.  You can also substitute a zucchini for the potato or stick a sausage within the potato spiral.  Then you have a choice of flavor seasonings from garlic parmesan to ranch; we tried the jalapeno flavor.

Being french fry fans, we enjoyed it.  It tasted like a hybrid between a potato chip and french fry.  I appreciated the creativity behind it.  They took something regular (such as french fries) and produced it in a way that people haven't seen before.

It inspired me to challenge myself to be more creative.  How can I see what I usually encounter in life in a whole different way?  That'll be my brain teaser for today.

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