Serendipitous Latin Wisdom

A few months ago, I was caught off guard when I saw a quote etched in the front wall of a clothing store.  I was walking around Victoria Gardens in Rancho Cucamonga, CA and didn’t expect to see this as part of the architecture:


Being curious, I took out my smart phone and looked up what it meant.  It’s a Latin proverb that loosely translates to, “From possibility to reality.”  Google translates it to, “From being able to be.”  A more elaborate translation is, “It is impossible to determine one’s possibility from one’s reality.”  To me, this quote and all its various translations are empowering.

I don’t plan on studying Latin any time soon to fully grasp the quote’s meaning, but I get the point.  My past may influence my future, but it cannot determine it!  Everything I ever wanted to do, I should do, because I can do. 

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