House Hunting (not "home hunting")

The other day I went house hunting. I went with my wife, 8 month old son, and Melvin, my close family friend and real estate agent. We were looking for a typical family home. Somewhere where my wife and I could raise our family in. A place for family to gather during the holidays. A place to have friends over. A place where my son could play, learn, and grow into the man who he dreams to be.

Right now we live in a small apartment in Southern California. It's a nice apartment in a nice part of town. The major downside is how small the space is. Our apartment is almost bursting at the seams. There really is no space for anything new. Baby toys and supplies are everywhere. My wife has been stretching her brain to creatively find new ways of making things fit. Although we love this place, we WANT to move into a house of our own.

We didn't make an offer on any house so far, and my wife and I are fine with it. We are perfectly happy just where we are right now. We're like sardines in a can, but we're happy sardines. All we really NEED is each other to make a "home." We're healthy, have a refrigerator full of fresh food, and we don't have to worry about bankruptcy (knock on wood). If we don't find a house, we could live here for a few more years.

Wherever we end up (I'm keeping my fingers crossed that a great house comes our way), I'll be perfectly happy there.

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