Giving (myself)

The more mature I get, the more I want to give. At home, I want to give my family ALL my time, attention, and energy. At work, I try to perform at my maximum efficiency and effectiveness from the moment I step through the entrance until I step out to the parking lot. As for myself, I push myself to be better every day. I have weaknesses, vices, and areas of improvement. I know I'm not "perfect", but I also subscribe to the mindset that we all are "perfect" just the way we are. For me, it takes a lot of hard work, effort, and discipline to self improve, but I still try my best.

I've always been a big believe in karma. I like the idea that my actions cause a continuous chain reaction that and its impact is socially immeasurable. So,I try to give myself in every possible positive way in the world. I consider giving an investment. If I can make the world a little better by investing my time, energy, knowledge, wisdom, skills, and monetary resources, then I should. Why not?

So tomorrow I plan on giving a little bit more than I have today...and that will be the plan again tomorrow.

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