Flower Smelling Skills

Today during my lunch hour, I took a walk around the building, simply because I had to.  I needed a break from the walls and paperwork that have been playing staring games with for hours. 

I wanted to feel some warmth and fresh air.  It was nice to see things under sunlight versus indoor light bulbs.  I usually walk to meditate and reflect on my day: everything that's going on at work and what I'm goinig to do when I get home. 

I've done this walk probably dozens of times before, but today was different.  On the left, I saw a bunch of white flowers growing.  I've walked past them on previous walks, and I didn't realize they existed because I was usually stuck in my head.  But today I "stopped to smell the flowers" (not literally).  I put aside the distracting busy thoughts and realized what was in front of me all along.

I know it's a cliché, but for me it was a moment of clarity.  Sometimes life lessons have a funny way of sneaking up and surprising me.  Tomorrow, I will be better at "smelling flowers."  I'm going to try to not let distractions get in the way of enjoying the awesome things in front of me.

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