Dream like a Child

Yesterday, my family and I were at the bookstore and my son fell asleep in his stroller. There is something special when you see a baby sleep. It's a symbol of peace and serenity. One funny thing is that once in a while, he laughs in his sleep.

When he does that, I wonder what he dreams about. Does he dream about his mom and me? Does he dream about baby toys or does he dream about playing? Whatever he dreams about, I want him to dream big; really BIG. His dreams haven't been tainted by greed, hate, or ignorance. He hasn't been told that he "can't" do something because of his gender, race, or age. I want him to be whoever he wants to be. I want him to be in any career he is passionate about and be the BEST in it.

When I've talked to elementary aged children, they often aspire to be astronauts, teachers, scientists, and even president of the United States. In contrast, when I've asked my high school students what they aspire to be, some say psychologists, some say teachers, and a few want to work for a business. Most say, "I don't know." I usually have to repeatedly drill them with more questions to get an answer out. It's an unfortunate thing.

I hope my son can hold on to his dreams for his whole life.

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